Are Democrats asking Santa for Roberts to kill Obama Care next year?

As most of you know, ObamaCare is once again in the hands of The Supreme Court. It passed the court test in 2012 but it may not in 2015. Frankly, I don't know what will happen next June, when The Supreme Court looks at the issue of federal vs state exchanges. My guess is that a lot of Democrats privately praying that 5 votes in the Court will relieve them of the ACA burden. Obama Care will soon face a huge financial crisis, as Robert E Moffit wrote: "The basic budgetary facts are not in dispute. When Obamacare was enacted, the official cost estimate was roughly $900 billion over the period from 2010 through 2019. However, the health law’s cumulative costs have since roughly doubled as more of its provisions come online. The simple difference in the time period, plus the increase in massive new entitlement spending, has started to bring the law’s true costs into sharper focus. For 2015 through 2024, CBO now estimates that the insurance...(Read Full Post)