A few seconds of truth on Ferguson and progressives go nuts!

Rich Lowry, National Review Online editor, was on Meet the Press this weekend.  Other than Lowry, the panel consisted entirely of liberals.  (I guess he was the token non-progressive-communist-liberal-Democrat that these panels sometimes feature to make themselves feel like they’re fair and balanced.  Uh-huh.  Whatever.)

Anyway, as they all bantered about Ferguson, whites, blacks, the racial make-up of police departments, and the great injustice of it all, Lowry graciously acknowledged some of their points and then made a simple comment.

Spoiler alert: He made a factual statement.

NRO reports:

“If you look at the most credible evidence [of Michael Brown's death at the hands of a Ferguson, Mo., police officer], the lessons are really basic,” Lowry said during an appearance on Meet the Press. “Don’t rob a convenience store. Don’t fight with a policeman when he stops you and try to take his gun. And when he yells at you to stop, just stop.”

Before Lowry got to the end of his statement, everyone on the panel started making faces, interrupting, waving their arms around, and nearly jumping out of their chairs.

It was just that hard for them to hear the truth.

You know, early on in my journey from left to right, I often read comments on blogs that would say “liberalism is a mental disease.”  And I didn’t quite get.  But now I do.  I know no other way to explain the sheer inanity that is the left in action.

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