Yipee ki yay, Mr. Gruber

Forbes contributor Michael F. Cannon covered details about Jonathan Gruber's changing stories about Obamacare back in July.  Either he or his editors had some fun, as this is the photo and the caption used with the article.   

When I hear the name "Gruber," I too tend to associate it with the memorable pop culture villain: Eurotrash criminal Hans Gruber from the movie Die Hard.

Recent revelations have made the allusion to Die Hard even more apt.  Not only did Hans Gruber intentionally stage his multimillion-dollar robbery to seem like a terrorist hostage-taking as part of his grand scheme to become filthy rich, but he too opined that Americans were stupid.  The definitely NSFW retort of hero John McClane after Hans Gruber ridicules Americans' love of virtuous heroes remains priceless.

I suspect that Jonathan Gruber's fall from grace may be as memorable as that of his namesake, Hans Gruber.  While Jonathan will probably always have a faculty position somewhere, he has probably become toxic as a research associate, policy consultant, and adviser.