Why Hillary won't run

Hillary will not run for president in 2016 for a variety of reasons.  The midterm massacre sends a strong signal that the electorate is fed up with liberal policies and politics, and Hillary would essentially be the third term of Obama.

The majority of people are against mass legalization of illegal aliens and Obamacare.  She is going to essentially have to run on Obama's record, and if not, repudiate his presidency and try to explain what exactly she did for four years as his secretary of state, not to mention fend off questions anew on Benghazi, which will most assuredly come up in any presidential debates.

She will have to defend Obamacare, which is getting more unpopular by the day as people continue to lose their existing policies and their longtime doctors, and especially as they endure skyrocketing premiums.  There will be major sticker shock in 2015 when another round of expected increases in Obamacare premiums comes to pass.

She will have to defend Obama's illegal and unconstitutional executive order on amnesty for millions of illegals, which, if it takes place as expected, will rip apart the country as much as the Iraqi War did for Bush 2, with Obama leaving office an extremely polarized electorate and very low approval ratings, all of which won't be a very pleasant departure gift to Hillary.

I believe that Hillary is going to say it's just not worth it.  She's making millions of dollars now giving speeches, living a comfortable life where she calls the shots, as opposed to enduring the demands of campaign trail, and then possibly the White House dictating her every move.  Who needs it?  Life is good as it is now.  She won't run.