White skin privilege liberal Bill Clinton can rape but not black conservative Bill Cosby

As allegations of past rapes by a conservative black comedian against actresses, models, and others continue pouring out, so do the repercussions.  

NBC and Netflix have dropped plans to develop a new situation comedy with the (once?) beloved late 1980s sitcom star "who was one of the biggest prime-time comedy stars in the history of NBC," while Netflix has "postponed" airing  a comedy special, already filmed, featuring Bill Cosby.  David Letterman canceled a scheduled Cosby appearance on his show, and even black talk show hostess Queen Latifah nixed his showing up as the old charges of previous rapes began to surface.  

As of now, scheduled sold out Cosby performances this week are still on at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and Melbourne, Florida, as are those in Las Vegas next week and other venues. 

Meanwhile, accused white liberal rapist and former president Bill Clinton has no such problems.  He still dominates Democratic politics, commanding an average $195,000 per speech imparting his wisdom and insights.  Past allegations of rape and groping and using his power and charm to seduce women are ignored – or secretly admired.  

The Clinton Foundation hauls in millions, supporting Bill; his wife, stand-by-your-man former New York State senator, former secretary of state, and potential presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton; daughter Chelsea; and hundreds of hangers on in style.  Women of all backgrounds, especially feminists, flock to his speeches as he tells them what they want to hear.

Clinton's alleged victims haven't fared so well.  Paula Jones was dismissed as "trailer trash" by Clinton, defending himself against her claims of rape, which he later settled for $850,000.  Kathleen Willey and Juanita Broaddrrick were scorned and mocked by Clintonistas after going public with their claims.  Gennifer Flowers, charmed by Clinton in exchange for sex and talk of marriage, was mocked as silly – someone who couldn't even spell her first name correctly.  Mention Monica Lewinsky, the 22-year-old starry-eyed intern in the Clinton White House and Clinton charmee, and (sometimes nervous) laughter erupts.  Except from the victim herself.  No complaints from liberal women about the degrading treatment of their "sisters."

So the lesson seems to be liberal white male skin has its privileges; conservative black male skin is condemned every which way.

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