Washington Post frames story as if Palestinian displacement was sudden and unprovoked.

According to the article, "Israeli officer arrested in Palestinian teen's death" (11/13/14), the Palestinian day of mourning, Nakba, is "when Palestinians remember those displaced when the state of Israel was created in 1948". This makes it sound as if the day Israel became a state, the Palestinians woke up without homes and were displaced.

What really happened is very different. The day that Israel declared Independence in 1948, five Arab Armies and the local Arabs now known as Palestinians attacked her in the hopes of destroying the nascent Jewish state and driving the Jew's into the sea. This would have meant back-to-back Holocausts for the Jewish people. Fortunately for the Jews, against unbelievable odds, they beat back the Arabs and won. But no one would know this from the Post's description. The Post's description makes it appear like the Palestinians were minding their own business when their displacement occurred. There is nothing further from the truth.

The main point of the article demonstrated that after initially finding no wrong doing, Israel conducted a preliminary investigation and arrested an officer for the killing of a Palestinian rock thrower. Even the United States got involved as State Department spokesperson Jan Psaki called for "a thorough, transparent investigation."  Yet there was no mention, in this article or other reports, of calls for investigations on the Palestinian side for more egregious actions. Palestinians recently killed six Israelis who were merely doing their day-to-day tasks - not throwing rocks or molotov cocktails like the Palestinian rioters. So the United States State Department gives the Palestinian side a free pass and remains silent while pouncing on Israeli police who were responding to an attack. Of course no serious-minded observer of the Palestinians would ever believe that they would investigate their own attackers. After all, it was state-sponsored television, radio, and speeches which incited the Palestinian murderers. Why not write an article about that?

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