Troops to Iraq? Where is the resolution?

We just learned on Friday, or a couple of days after the election, that President Obama has authorized troops to Iraq.  It appears that 1,500 men are headed to the region:

A senior military official says that American military advisory teams will now go to Iraq's western Anbar province where Islamic State militants have been gaining ground and slaying men, women and children.

Frankly, I'm OK with sending ground troops, or advisers, as they are called.  It's just further proof that we should have left a force behind in Iraq.  It looks like the Obama administration is coming to terms with the reality that you can't do a Bosnia against ISIS, or just air power.

So does President Obama plan to involve Congress, or the voters?  Is he planning to explain what we're doing?  Are we going to find out about troop deployment from the Defense Department spokesman?

President Obama should go on national TV and explain his decision to put more Americans in the middle of a war.  He should follow that up with a formal "war resolution" outlining his objectives and the mission.

I'm very concerned with a president who does not seem bound by the U.S. Constitution.  He threatens to issue executive orders on immigration and now escalates a military conflict without a war resolution.

I think that this is the wrong approach.  First, he needs to respect the U.S. Constitution.  Second, he is committing U.S. troops to a conflict that will probably outlast his presidency.

Yes, we need to destroy ISIS and push them back.  But let's do it the right way!

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