Thousands of empty seats as Obama addresses campaign rally in deep blue Philly

Another deep humiliation for President Obama and his party happened yesterday in Philadelphia, one of the most Democrat-dominated cities in the nation.  Party honchos had booked the 10,000-seat Temple University gymnasium for a rally in which Obama was supposed to fire up the party faithful to go out and vote for Democrat Tom Wolf for governor of the Keystone State. But as preparations for the visit continued, they realized that – oops! – there was no way they could fill such a large venue.  So up went black curtains dividing the gym in half, so those five thousand empty seats would be invisible to the media, and the embarrassing spectacle could be avoided. Fox’s Ed Henry explained in a video:   But even with the precautionary downsizing, there were plenty of empty seats, as the Pennsylvania GOP pointed out on Twitter. It is a cliché of tragic show business biopics that musical performers on the way down switch to smaller...(Read Full Post)