The Pigheaded BDS Movement

The incident that got BDS banned from demonstrating at Woolworths stores in South Africa was when members of a political party in support of BDS trespassed into one of the stores and placed pigs heads in what they thought was the kosher foods section.

What kosher food has to do with a cynical anti-Israel provocation was clear to everyone. Kosher means Jewish. Jewish means Israel. BDS is anti-Semitic.

BDS in South Africa has a number of Muslims among its hierarchy. They recruit support from thousands of Muslims there that despise the Jewish State of Israel, which they view as an abomination against the Islamic will.

It was against this backdrop that the porky protest flopped -- badly.

The ignorant demonstrators thought they had placed the pig’s heads in the kosher section. They photographed themselves holding the heads in triumph, grinningly exposing themselves to publicity. But they had made a huge mistake. Instead of being in the kosher food section they were in the halal section, where they had unkoshered the Muslim food shelves with pigs.

The Muslim community had broadly supported this act only to be horrified to learn that their food supply had been defiled.

Ah well. That's what you get when you are pigheaded.

Barry Shaw is the author of ‘Israel Reclaiming the Narrative.’