The 'other than Mexicans' are coming

Over the last couple of years, we've called for a modest immigration reform that starts with border security.  In other words, convince the U.S. public that the southern border is sealed, and we can do something about the people here, especially the kids.

Today, I saw this report, and it will set back any effort to pass immigration reform.  

According to The Washington Post:

Most of the people the Border Patrol stopped from sneaking into the country last fiscal year were from countries other than Mexico, according to agency statistics, a shift that might have provided fodder for politicians leading up to Tuesday’s election.   

But they didn’t get much of a chance.

The Border Patrol’s annual statistics were posted on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Web site for about five hours on Oct. 10, then taken down. 

Now some are questioning whether that decision was an example of the Obama administration playing politics with public information.

We are not sure whether the information was taken down because of the election.  Let's not jump to that conclusion just yet.  Nevertheless, the timing can lead you to think that politics was a factor. 

The fact that we are finding "other than Mexicans" is bad news, especially in light of reports that ISIS agents have crossed the border.

To be fair, my guess is that many of these "other than Mexicans" are Central Americans who walk north and try to cross the border.  The Central Americans are not a security risk, but just people looking for a better life.   

Unfortunately, the same border that allows these "other than Mexicans" to get in is an inviting target for terrorists who want to kill Americans.  This is why no immigration reform can happen until we secure the border and feel  comfortable that President Obama will enforce the law.

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