The Big Broadcast Fix for Obama's Amnesty Speech Tonight

President Obama’s speech tonight on his immigration amnesty diktat isn’t aimed at you, if English is your primary language.  The White House didn’t even ask the Big Three broadcast networks – CBS, NBC, ABC – for time.  We’re in the midst of the November sweeps, and in all likelihood they would have turned him down.  But that doesn’t matter – he would just as soon that Gringo-Americans not even hear about his decree. 

Obama and the Democrats base their strategy on fragmenting, not uniting Americans, and the speech tonight is aimed at Spanish-speakers, who will see the speech broadcast live on the other big broadcast network, Univision, which is for Spanish-speakers.  And the audience will be huge among Spanish-speakers because the speech is timed to coincide with the Latin Grammys, one of the highest-rated programs of the year on Univision.

Viewers tuning in for the music gala will not miss a moment of the spectacle, because it is being delayed, so as to allow the president’s speech to take advantage of the audience tuning in for music.  That is the Big Fix.  Open collaboration among the music industry, Univision, and the White House.

How appropriate that, as Obama behaves like a caudillo, he has the active cooperation of the cultural and broadcast establishment of the rapidly growing Spanish-speaking segment of American society, a segment that is being imported (mostly absent the sanction of law) against the will of the people, and which is being catered to by a dictatorial presidential decree.