Report: Putin robbed Crimean banks, won't give money back to ordinary people

This is an incredible report from Reuters that reveals the financial chaos initiated by Russia in Crimea following Putin's land-grab. Apparently, Ukraine banks are having to write off billions in loans because ordinary Crimeans are unable to access their checking and savings accounts, so they can't repay their debts. The reason?  Those accounts were drained by Russia following the takeover. "They are not returning the money," complained Margarita Pobudilova, a 77-year-old retired factory worker who for months has been unable to access more than $3,000 of her life savings. Ten months after Russia invaded this Black Sea peninsula and seized it from Ukraine, the financial fallout is still being felt. Thousands of ordinary citizens have little or no access to their funds. Losses for Ukrainian banks continue to mount as billions of dollars worth of loans they issued in Crimea go unpaid. Lawyers for the banks are preparing legal actions against Russia,...(Read Full Post)