Real Strong Women Aren't Afraid of Provocative Shirts

Sooo after many years, some scientists land a probe on a swiftly moving comet in an operation called Rosetta, and all a bunch of sensitive women can see is that one of the chief scientists involved is a bearded, heavily tattooed male elatedly describing its success wearing a colorful shirt with women in all sorts of provocative poses.  Ooooh!

Perhaps Kim Kardashian should have brought her well-oiled ample unclothed tush and other body parts to mission control with her and revealed her infamous, provocative picture of all (no, I won't link to it as it is so easy to find if you must) there instead of in the USA on the same day.

That would have really confused all the sensitive women – and brought eve more news media to the scene.  

Poor Matt Taylor tearfully apologized.  Now perhaps these sensitive women will study science, math, and engineering so they won't be so angry.