Putin to leave G-20 Summit early; doesn't like being criticized over Ukraine

After several Western leaders all but called Russian president Vladimir Putin a liar for his statements on Russian actions in Ukraine, Putin decided to leave the G-20 Summit early and not participate in the official luncheon at Sunday. The fact is, no one believes Putin's denials of Russian non-involvement anymore.  And his provocative acts – such as sending several warships to Australia – are not impressing anyone. Telegraph: The Russian president is reportedly planning to leave the summit early on Sunday and miss its official lunch in response to repeated criticism from western leaders. The move comes after Tony Abbott, the Australian Prime Minister, threatened to "shirt front" Mr Putin - a form of physical confrontation. Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister, told Mr Putin: "I guess I'll shake your hand, but I'll only have one thing to say to you - get out of the Ukraine." Mr Cameron told Mr Putin that he...(Read Full Post)