Psaki psickens

In this exchange, AP reporter Matt Lee questioned State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki about recent jihadist attacks (my words, not his) in Israel.  Psaki read like a robot from her script, expressing regret at the recent loss of life.  She might as well have been reading the phone book.  No sooner did she express her condolences than she segued into the need for all parties to de-escalate tensions.

Jews are butchered in cold blood, and everyone just needs to calm down?

Then she uttered the predictable, but no less dangerous words: “we urge all parties to exercise restraint.”  That is the Obama administration’s response to innocent Israelis being attacked by Muslims.

And why are Israelis being attacked?

Because they are Jews.  Because the Koran calls for the murder of Jews.  Because the 21st-century Islamofascists are clamoring for death to all Jews, as they have throughout history.  And because the West, with Obama at the helm, is emboldening Muslims, emboldening evil, and demonizing Israelis/Jews for the simple act of defending themselves.

Psaki then equated the barbaric, murderous acts against Jews in recent days to an Arab who was killed in Israel.  And why was that Arab killed?  Because he stormed a police car wielding a knife, repeatedly stabbing the windows of the vehicle with the police inside.  So the police defended themselves against this knife-wielding jihadist.

Same as hacking up Israelis waiting for the bus?  Only if you’re insane.  Or evil.  Or both.

When Psaki said the administration urges “all parties to exercise restraint,” Lee asked just whom Psaki was referring to when she referred to “all parties.”  Psaki had this to say:

Well, we’re talking about the Israelis, the Palestinians – any who are involved in these tension-raising, rhetoric-raising incidents.

Her hands gestured, eyes rolled, head bobbed, and mouth smirked as she said “tension-raising, rhetoric-raising incidents.”  Israelis are being hacked to death, and she’s framing these savage acts as incidents that are ramping up rhetoric.

Lee should have continued to press her.  But he didn’t.  Instead, he backed down.

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

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