Our delusional and dangerous president

Remember when just last year Obama arrogantly said: “You don’t like a particular policy or a particular president, then argue for your position. Go out there and win an election.” Well, now that we won an election (massively, I might add), Obama has a new take on things.  Gee, what a surprise.  Per the Washington Examiner, it goes something like this: President Obama did something extraordinary, perhaps unprecedented, in his post-election news conference Wednesday: He claimed a mandate on behalf of voters who didn't vote. "To everyone who voted, I want you to know that I hear you," the president said. "To the two-thirds of voters who chose not to participate in the process yesterday, I hear you, too." What did that mean? What did those non-voters say? It would probably be more useful to ask what the president heard. And apparently Obama heard expressions of support from non-voters across the land. The...(Read Full Post)