ObamaCare Architect Insulting Small Businesses in Newly Released Video

In yet another video uncovered on the scheming behind the Affordable Care Act, MIT economist Jonathan Gruber told an elite circle of NOBLIS policy wonks in 2012 that he reluctantly wrote tax credits for small businesses into the bill because he didn’t want to look like a “communist.”

Gruber: So there’s [sic] two issues...one is tax credits to small businesses--that, to be honest, is political--you gotta, you gotta say you like small businesses in America or you’re a communist...

It’s a very small part of the bill, I’m actually not opposed to them. But they’re tightly targeted and what’s nice about the way they’re structured...um, I’m biased here, like it’s one bit of the bill I actually wrote, so the way they’re targeted is to small and low wage businesses which are exactly the businesses that do not offer health insurance.


Why would the “father of Obamacare,” a self-professed “objective expert,” and a “numbers nerd” not want to take into account all the 28 million small businesses currently in operation in the United States?

According to the Small Business Administration, there are just 5.2 million employer firms (as of 2011) with fewer than 25 employees.  This is the group Gruber and the ACA targeted as political tokens.

Gruber’s attitude toward the business community is troubling to say the least.  By his own admission, he makes concessions in the bill not as an economist, but as a political ideologue, and then he brags about it.

Gruber states that he personally wrote the section on small businesses as a marketing ploy because America loves small businesses.  As an incentive for small businesses not to fight Obamacare in 2010 (at least long enough to pass the law in the dead of night) and to keep from being pummeled in the court of public opinion, Gruber offers what looks like tax breaks for “small and low wage businesses.”

Six pages of regulations that you’d need a lawyer and an accountant to decipher most likely will lead to a small percentage actually receiving tax relief.  But in a bill nobody on the Hill read, what does trying to deceive free-market independent entrepreneurs, the lifeblood of our society, matter to a trickster like Gruber?

Patricia McCarthy adds:

The fatal flaw of the Left has always been overestimating their own intelligence and talent and underestimating the political learning curve of their opponents.  From the presidency of Woodrow Wilson on, progressive elites have believed themselves to be far superior in every way to the leaden hoi polloi they feel so  entitled to control, lie to, cheat and steal from. We need to be manipulated and controlled for our, and their, own good.  We must be kept in our place to protect their place.

Non-political Americans may be slow learners to be sure, easily lulled into the cliche that "there is little difference between the parties," that "only the left cares about people," that equality of outcome is more important than equality of opportunity. So what do we do about them?  What we just did, for starters:  vote them out of office.   In two years, we must vote out the rest of them. There is not a single honest broker among them at the moment, sad to say. Think Pelosi, Reid, Wasserman-Schultz, Schumer, Durbin, etc.

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