MSNBC: 'Old white people who vote Republican will die someday'

This may be the best comment about the election from a liberal heard all night.

Washington Free Beacon:

Liberal MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams said the “old white people” in the South who vote Republican are “going to die someday” and hopefully usher in a new era of Democratic rule in the region.

Host Krystal Ball, a former failed Democratic congressional candidate, asked Williams whether white Southerners should just be written off by the party, but Williams said never, saying that since they are “for people” and Republicans aren’t, they would eventually win the day.

“Mitt Romney only won South Carolina with 53 [percent], John McCain with 52,” he said. “That’s a changing South. Those old white people? They’re going to die someday. And who’s going to be there to replace them? People that want you to be for them, not against them.”

Abby Huntsman, as is her custom despite her ridiculous label as the show’s “conservative” voice, did not push back at all on Williams’ rant. She did suggest he run for office someday.

Williams also echoed Sen. Mary Landrieu’s (D., La.) desperate remarks about President Obama’s race playing a factor in people’s decisions and being largely to blame for Senate Democrats and Democratic challengers being vulnerable this cycle.

He did not note that Obama’s approval rating is badly underwater across the country and that the vast majority of Americans polled think the U.S. is heading in the wrong direction.

Well, at least they have something to look forward to.

When you think about it, old hippies are going to die someday too. Will that turn California red? Of course not. That's what makes Williams' comment so stupid. "Old white people" are only a part of the GOP in the south. Entreprenuers, Christians, small business owners, married women - Republicans, as they do elsewhere, come in all shapes and sizes.

The GOP takes a larger share of white males over 65 but as a part of their coalition, the numbers pale in comparison to the overall male vote Republicans get. It isn't just "old white males" who vote Republican. The GOP receives a majority or is tied in every male age group except the youngest. And Millenials are far more libertarian in their politics than they are liberal, eschewing Republicans largely because of the gay marriage and abortion issues.

It's a chimera to believe that when the current generation of seniors dies off, the Democrats will win the south. Buti it's typical myopia from the commenters at MSNBC.

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