Latest NBC poll gives Perdue 4 point lead over Nunn in Georgia

NBC has released a slew of Senate polls that contains very good news for Republicans.

Kentucky: Mitch McConnell seems to be pulling away in the final days. The poll gives the Senate minority leader a 9 point edge over his Democratic challenger Allison Lundergan Grimes. McConnell has increased his lead over the last 10 days and it appears that this race is effectively over.

Georgia: Businessman David Perdue has jumped to a 4 point lead over Democrat Michelle Nunn. This is barely outside the magin of error and likely means that neither candidate will get 50% of the vote. This will lead to a runoff that Perdue leads by 3 points, according to the poll.


In a three way contest, incumbent Democrat Sen. Mary Landrieu gets 44 percent, while Republican Rep. Bill Cassidy gets 36 percent and Tea Party ally Rob Maness gets 15 percent.

In head-to-head matchups pitting Landrieu against either GOP candidate, both Cassidy and Maness receive 50 percent support, while Landrieu performs almost identically against either Republican – at 45 and 46 percent, respectively.

Partly because he’s less well known in the state, Cassidy enjoys a better favorable rating (45 percent favorable/ 41 percent unfavorable) than Landrieu (44 percent favorable / 50 percent unfavorable). Landrieu was first elected in 1996 and has survived two competitive elections since.

With Joni Ernst leading in Iowa, Republicans may not need that Louisiana seat to reach a majority.

Republicans can afford to lose either Georgia or Kansas - not both.  They appear to have 4 Democratic seats locked up in ND, WV, AR, and MT. Races in CO and IA are looking very good. But GOP held seats in GA and KS are still in doubt. With a net of 6 seats needed for GOP control, if they lose both states, they will have to win some other close race like NH - a very iffy proposition.

It's looking good but not in the bag by any means.