Kay Hagan: Here's the answer. Now what's the question?

Here is Kay Hagan’s answer to a question put to her during a local television interview

You know, I think the partisan gridlock has certainly frustrated me. It’s frustrated me.

So what was the question?  You might think she was asked about a common emotion during her time in Congress.  Or about what frustrated her the most.  Or about barriers to getting things accomplished in D.C.

But no.  She wasn’t asked about any of that.  Instead, she was asked what grade she would give herself as a senator.  And from that simple, direct question, she went to “gridlock” and “frustration,” ultimately saying she didn’t want to give herself a grade.  (Coward.)

When the question was posed more broadly, asking what grade she would give Congress, she also backed away from that, offering up this semi-coherent little gem:

I think, um, I think we need to make significant change. We've got to be sure that someone like me, the most moderate senator, has the ability to work across the aisle to get things done.

Pressed by the news anchor to give Congress a grade, she offered another response so off course that even a GPS couldn’t track her:

When you get somebody that says 'shut the government down,' I didn't go to Washington to shut the government down.

Holy cow!  She is like Exhibit A for political evasiveness and mental mediocrity.  What a twofer.

Hat tip: Breitbart