If CNN had reported on the Nuremberg Trials

American Soldiers Kill Nine Germans

Nuremberg, October 6, 1946

Seven German civilians and two military personnel were killed by American soldiers today in a Bavarian town recently devastated by Allied bombing.  The victims were identified as Hans Frank, 46; Wilhem Frick, 69; Alfred Jodl, 56; Ernst Kaltenbrunner, 43; Wilhelm Keitel, 64; Joachim von Ribbentrop, 53; Alfred Rosenberg, 53; Fritz Saukel, 51; and Arthur Seyss-Inquart, 54.  The victims either had their necks broken or were strangled. 

Frank leaves behind a wife and 5 children, Frick a wife and 3 children, Jodl a wife, Kaltenbrunner a wife and 5 children, Keitel a wife and 5 children, Ribbentrop a wife and 5 children, Rosenberg a wife and 2 children, Saukel a wife and 10 children, and Seyss-Inquart a wife and 3 children.  Ribbentrop was a former champagne salesman, Saukel a former factory worker, Rosenberg a journalist, and Frank, Frick, Kaltenbrunner, and Seyss-Inquart attorneys.  All had until recently been employed by the German government.  Jodl and Keitel were identified as members of the German Army.

An Allied spokesperson claimed that the nine Germans were allegedly responsible for military and civilian deaths during the war.  According to a spokesperson for the victims, none of them personally killed any individual, and all were simply following orders.