Have you ever been 'grubered'?

The release of videos showing Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber chortling over pulling the wool over the public's eyes to get the law passed has spawned a cottage industry on social media of Gruber nomenclature.

Washington Times:

Grubergate, gruberish, grubered, grubermania, moneygrubering and gruberpalooza are among the new terms that have sprung into public use, these inspired by one particular economist who made an unfortunate comment about Obamcare, transparency and the mental capacity of Americans recently. But such things spawn instant culture. All the new nouns and verbs - some capitalized, some not - are now appearing in multiple print and online reports from Time, Bloomberg, Fox News, Powerline, Lucianne.com and many other sources. What with Twitter hashtags and jaunty dialogue, the usage has been spirited in recent days.

“How about you man up, Stewart, and admit you were grubered into selling that Obamacare [expletive],” Fox News host Eric Bolling advised John Stewart, a rival host on Comedy Central.

“I think that no other word describes what we have seen in the climate debate quite as well as grubering. The Climategate emails are full of discussions about how to ‘sell’ the public on catastrophic anthropogenic global warming through a campaign of lies and exaggerations. There are many discussion about how the public could not possibly understand such a complex subject. ‘Climate grubering’ — its a powerful new word that can help us to describe what’s been going on,” notes Watts Up With That, a popular blog covering climate change and global warming.”

So now there are denialists, skeptics, warmists, alarmists and gruberists,” responded one reader on Sunday.

Fascinating. Here are a few more off the top of my head:

1. Grubermentia - "He was lying so often and losing track of his lies to the extent that doctors believed he was suffering from Grubermentia."

2. Disgrubered - The systematic demolishing of an argument full of lies.

3. Foregruber - A premonition that the next words out of someone's mouth are going to be a lie.

4. Gruberful - As in "a gruberful of misinformation."

Why not create your own gruberisms in the comments?