'Hail Mary' Landrieu

There’s simply no other way to call the desperate play of Mary Landrieu defending her long hold on the championship in a political playoff down in Louisiana, where it appears that the serving senator’s re-election prospects are headed the same direction as the 4-5 New Orleans Saints playoff possibilities.  When QB Mary got her hands on that hot political football yesterday, her first offensive play was as truly offensive as any offense can be.  Ailing Mary resurrected a long-dead play she had long ago introduced as a sop to her racist, sexist constituents, and threw a true Hail Mary at a Capitol press conference, where she desperately urged her fellow Democrat senators to hastily enact legislation approving construction of the long Reid-lined Keystone Pipeline.  It was a flagrant and flailing bid to save her collapsing career.

That such legislation has been long stymied by greedy Democrats, hungry for handouts from environmentalist Tom Steyer, himself a living monument to capitalist/environmentalist hypocrisy, renders Mary’s Hail Mary an act of desperation dripping with Democrat duplicity.  Overnight, a greedy capitalistic Koch brothers project that was going to destroy a wide swath of the environment, a dagger of developmental disaster driven through the heart of America, is transformed by the Democrats into “Gee, what a great idea!”

Good grief!  Even low-info Dem voters should be able to see the huge hypocrisy in that little deceptive sidestep.

Last week the Democrats were humiliated by the thinking portion of the American electorate, who performed their civic duty and tossed a very deserving bunch of them off the field.  Now we see one of those losers trying to come back out of the locker room, disguised as a cheer-leader for a play her team publicly disdained up until Tuesday, when the big game was played and they lost equally big time.  Sorry, Mary, but in your latest frantic cynical cheer-leading we can see under that shrinking political skirt you’ve worn far too long:

And it ain’t a pretty sight, girl….