Culturist Suicide

With Obama’s promised amnesty for illegal people, America has committed culturist suicide.  Culturism is the belief that a traditional majority culture has the right and duty to protect, promote, and promulgate itself.  This mission is now lost beyond hope.  And this is fatal to America, because cultural diversity is real and important.

Obama claims that his amnesty will impact only 5 million people.  How will they check that?  Who will check that?  Believe me, fraud will be rampant and we do not have the resources or will to check it.  And, this news will – as did Obama’s earlier promise not to deport children – create an enormous spike in illegals.  We no longer have a southern border.

As a culturist, I hold that America had a traditional majority culture that made it great.  Mexicans are not Americans.  They have a different language, holidays, and heroes. Multiculturalism claims we never had a core culture; the US is just as Islamic, Pilipino, etc., as it is Protestant European.  No.  We had a traditional majority culture, and the new immigrants are not of it.

Culturism believes in assimilation.  When minorities are pressured to assimilate, over time, they will.  But this means schools must push majority culture pride.  When large swaths of the nation are Latino, when multiculturalists push Spanish and Latino pride, we will assimilate to them, not the reverse; the majority culture will be replaced. 

Cultural history matters.  The U.S. and Mexico had a war over the U.S.’s southwestern territory.  Mexicans are extremely proud culturists.  Thus, “re-conquering the land” and “we didn’t cross the border; the border crossed us” sentiments will thrive.  Even if these ever-present sentiments don’t predominate during peacetime, they will undermine all attempts as assimilation.

So the cultural composition of America has been forever changed.  Does this matter?  Might the overwhelming of America’s traditional culture be not just a matter of aesthetics?  It matters, because cultural diversity is real.  Mexican culture – their high birth rates and low educational motivation – leads inexorably to third-world economic realities.  We will increasingly become a third-world nation.

Britain, Australia, and Europe must resist multiculturalism.  Practice culturism.  Teach pride in your heritage.  Cut off immigration from hostile and poor-performing cultures.  Maintain your traditional majority cultures.  America no longer exists.  In the mission of keeping Western civilization going, you’re now on your own.

John K. Press, Ph.D. is the author of Culturism: A Word, A Value, Our Future.  He teaches at a university in Korea. has more information.

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