Cosby's Accusers' Claims Are Full of Holes

Since the media has decided to bombard me with stories of Bill Cosby's alleged rapes, I believe that I have a right to examine his accusers' claims. As each new woman surfaces and recounts her alleged sexual assault by him, I am left with more questions than answers. I am not suggesting that Mr. Cosby is not guilty of adultery, however; the media and his accusers are claiming that he is a serial rapist. So far, I have not seen any evidence to prove their claims. Even his accusers say that they do not remember being raped. All that some of his accusers claim to remember is being given two pills (that they take of their own free will) with a glass of red wine and passing out and waking up with their clothes missing or disheveled. The chain of events that led up to these alleged incidents are left out (the history of their relationship to Mr. Cosby).

The only way for the public to have the holes in the accusers' stories filled in is through legal means. If I were Bill Cosby, I would file a defamation lawsuit against every accuser.  That way they would have to be subjected to direct questioning by his attorney. I am willing to bet that some of their claims would fall apart within five minutes under direct questioning. In fact, if Mr. Cosby's attorney were to announce today that he  will be filing defamation lawsuits against all current accusers, we would not see another woman come forward and this story would quickly fade away. Under direct questioning, I would like the following questions answered:

  • What was the true nature of their relationship with Cosby?
  • Where were the parents (of the teenagers) during the times of the alleged incidents?
  • Why did they agree to travel and meet with a married man knowing that his wife would not be present?
  • Why did they visit with a married man in his residence and hotel rooms while his wife was not present?
  • What is the real reason they have decided to come forward after decades of silence?

M. Catharine Evans  has written a brilliant article that outlines why black liberals and the leftwing media want to destroy Cosby.  His popular T.V. show The Cosby Show gave black Americans hope.  They cannot afford to have blacks watching shows that portray black intact families, education and hard work.  That might cause them to leave the plantation. In fact, when Cosby accuser Joan Tarshis, was asked why she decided to reveal the alleged assault after all these years, she said she wanted to get his new T.V. show cancelled:

And in an ideal world, I would love NBC to cancel the series they're doing with him, but that involves money, not ethics. So that's not going to happen. And I would also like to be able to say "Bill Cosby is a rapist" and have America believe it.

In addition, liberals need victims. That is why they portray these women as victims of the powerful Bill Cosby. Liberals will fight to protect their alleged victims. They came down swift and hard on Don Lemon when he suggested that, one of Cosby’s accusers could have bitten down on Cosby to prevent allegedly being forced to perform oral sex (he was blaming the victim and trying to take away her victim status). He later apologized.

If Cosby’s accusers and the media want to try the case against him in the court of public opinion, at least give us all the facts. Instead of giving the public all the details, the accuser attempt to absolve themselves by using phrases such as he lured me, he coerced me, he forced me or I was star struck. From what I have learned so far from the stories these women are telling, Mr. Cosby is guilty of adultery, not rape. Until the accusers fill in the gaping holes in their stories, I am going to adopt the philosophy of Judge Judy, “If it doesn't make sense to your common sense it’s usually not true.”

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