Begich's support for Libertarian candidate could swing Alaska Senate seat to Dems

Senator Mark Begich occupies a seat in the Senate that was won by an outrageous dirty trick: the indictment of incumbent veteran Republican senator Ted Stevens a week before the election on charges that were utterly bogus and later thrown out of court.  Compounding the outrage, Eric Holder’s Justice Department never punished the assistant U.S. attorneys responsible for the misconduct that threw the Senate seat to the Democrat.

What is happening now is perfectly legal, but almost as outrageous.  Begich is openly boosting the candidacy of Libertarian Mark Fish in order to siphon off votes from Republican challenger Dan Sullvan.  Andrew Johnson reports at NRO:

Mark Begich is hoping an unlikely alliance can help him keep his Senate seat in today’s election.

Begich, Alaska’s incumbent Democratic senator, is boosting Libertarian candidate Mark Fish as the former tries to hold on against Republican challenger Dan Sullivan. By boosting Fish’s stock, Begich hopes to pry votes from Sullivan’s column in a tough year for Democrats.

Begich has prominently included Fish in a new ad and publicly supported including him in a recent debate even though he didn’t meet the standard for participants. In a tight race — Sullivan leads by an average of just two and a half points — the performance of a third-party candidate could mean the difference between victory and defeat. (snip)

For instance, Fish, a National Guard veteran, received some air time in a recent Begich ad that highlights their mutual opposition to government surveillance of private communications. “That’s Mark Begich and libertarian Mark Fish: True Alaskans fighting the Dan Sullivan surveillance state,” a narrator says.

The end result of Fish’s and the Libertarians’ ego trip could well be Harry Reid running the Senate.  Rich Baehr comments:

Alaska is a total crapshoot at this point. Polls showing Begich with solid leads, and others with Sullivan ahead by decent amounts. Usually when one candidate leads by 2-3 points on average, the polls tend to converge on that average -- as they generally have in Iowa, North Carolina and Colorado. Begich has run a very slick campaign, accusing Sullivan of lacking Alaskan native roots.

I suppose Fish and the Libertarians are so far absorbed in their own purity that they don’t care what happens in the real world.  I sympathize with many Libertarian goals, but there is reality to consider as well.

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