Al Sharpton and the next AG

Business Insider offers this…

The Rev. Al Sharpton said his civil rights organization, the National Action Network, is "engaged in immediate conversations" with the White House as they work to name a successor to Attorney General Eric Holder….

We are engaged in immediate conversations with the White House on deliberations over a successor whom we hope will continue in the general direction of Attorney General Holder," Sharpton said in a statement.

That great legal mind, Al Sharpton.  The host of a low rated TV show, a tax dodging race baiter, and welcome guest to the White House.  Now he consults on the Attorney General of the United States list of candidates.  Is this about law?  This proves it is not.

Legal expertise and a history of application of same would be credentials for a consultant to the White House for candidate considerations to fill the AG spot.  More likely and demonstrated by Sharpton’s involvement is that the Department of Justice is now something other than one involved in “justice”.  Its main concern apparently revolves around race.  There, I said it.

The FBI nabbed some New Black Panthers in Ferguson attempting to purchase bomb making materials and firearms using fraudulent identification.  Can we assume these “perpetrating panthers” will be dealt with just as the Philadelphia poll busters were? 

Curious are the optics that Sharpton is not only welcomed to the White House, but his advice is sought in the Attorney General appointment.  Maybe his tax delinquency documents ($4.5 million) were on Lois Lerner’s computer.  Would Treasury Secretary and IRS overseer Jack Lew throw his arms around Sharpton also?

Mr. Sharpton has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills. Records reviewed by The New York Times show more than $4.5 million in current state and federal tax liens against him and his for-profit businesses.

Maybe growing up off the mainland insulated Barack Obama from wisdoms such as “you are known by the company you keep."  More likely is that he does not care.  Two years to go, and this is just one of many “finger salutes” to come, directed to the non “gruberesque” voting block that just “shellacked” the progressive democrats.

All is calculated in this administration for optical impact.  Forget Twana Bradley and the faked racial incidents in Sharpton’s past.  Usher in Loretta Lynch, the old family friend of Eric Holder’s wife, Sharon Malone.  She likely will be the nominee for Attorney General of the United States. She would keep Eric protected from further Congressional scrutiny regarding Fast and Furious.  Or, aren’t we supposed to notice?