Wendy Smacks the Wrong Pinata

What a joy it is to sit over here in Arkansas and watch the Wendy Witch self-destruct in my former home of Texas. First, Wendy, whose personal past does not bear close examination without revealing her to be a self-serving gold digger, goes after her opponent, Greg Abbott, who is a paraplegic and wheelchair bound due to a freakish accident of a falling tree during a storm, but now she’s calling her opponent a racist bigot, a man long-married to a lovely Hispanic woman, a loving spouse who exhibits much more grace than the soulless, grasping Wendy. I’d venture that Wendy’s chances for trying to rally the Hispanic vote in Texas are at best confused and at worst, disastrous. Like so many Yankees, Wendy has a very poor grasp of Anglo/Hispanic relationships in a state where such intermarrying is so common as to attract few remarks nor require no public comment. Unaware of that apparently, Yankee Wendy jumped out there and smacked that big racial piñata without considering that it might be a hornets’ nest.

Oh Wendy, how bearest you that terrible sting?

Wendy, who is pure Northeast Yankee white-bread, product of an out-of-wedlock birth, was married to a similar pure Texas white-bread, who was, of all things, a filthy capitalist who raided his own ill-gained retirement funds to send Wendy to Harvard Law School. The very next day after he had paid off her school debt, Wendy dumped him and left their kids to be his sole responsibility. How crass is that, Texas voters? Engenders your confidence, no?

Well, it’s right up there with her being so crass and insensitive that she attacked Abbott, for the very same handicap that has not prevented him from being one of the very best Texas attorney general’s the state has ever had. That bit of misguided cynicism appears to have blown up in her face.

Let us as conservatives and/or Republicans pray for more Wendy type Democrat candidates in our political futures.