Want a travel ban from Ebola countries? You're not even a 'thinly veiled' racist says MSNBC hosts.

Shame on you! All you hysterical, panic-stricken Americans who want to ban black Africans from coming to America aren't even trying to hide your racism, says MSNBC hosts Alex Wagner and Joy Reid.


I'd be concerned about this except more people watch The Dog Channel than MSNBC.

The host of “Now with Alex Wagner” played clips of Republican lawmakers and conservative commentators criticizing President Obama and the CDC’s handling of the Ebola crisis, accusing them of “not even thinly-veiled racism.”

“That stuff is incredible,” Wagner said, referring to criticisms from Republican lawmakers, Glenn Beck, and Bill O’Reilly. “He is their president, Joy. I mean, it’s not even thinly veiled racism at this point.” (RELATED: Worried About Ebola? Then You’re A RACIST!)

Reid agreed: “No, and I’m glad you called it a racial stew because it is kinda like the perfect storm. You have an African, God forbid, flies into the United States and you have all of these sort of issues of immigration sort of thrown into it.”

Reid took particular chagrin at Representative Marsha Blackburn bringing up the lack of border security during Thursday’s Congressional hearing on Ebola. “I couldn’t believe that Marsha Blackburn brought the border into it because I hate to tell you, the planes don’t walk over the border with the Guatemalan children, they fly into the airport.”

She also hated O’Reilly’s suggestion of a travel ban. “Of course somehow the Obama administration should have in the plane and picked out all of the African nationals to make sure they couldn’t get in. You know what? The Obama administration had nothing to do with [Thomas Eric Duncan] coming here. He came here to visit his family and his fiancée.”

Such ignorance of border security basics would be shocking if it didn't come from MSNBC hosts. And I wonder what they think of African nations imposing travel bans from countries affected by the Ebola epidemic. Are they racist too?

By the time Barack Obama leaves office, the word "racism" will have lost all of its power to damage its target. The term has been so overused and misused that the American people are already tuning out those who play the race card on a regular basis.

Obama supporters have done what generations of racists couldn't do; they've made the word "racism" irrelevant in the national conversation.

Update from Thomas Lifson.

More race-mongering from another reliably leftist source, The Guardian:

The problem with the west's Ebola response is still fear of a black patient

Ebola is now a stand-in for any combination of ‘African-ness’, ‘blackness’, ‘foreign-ness’ and ‘infestation’ – poised to ruin the perceived purity of western borders and bodies

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