Those 'Potty Mouthed Princesses'

It is not very often that I am speechless.  But after watching the video Potty Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by [not embedded, but click here if you have the stomach], I was pretty close.  Now, having watched it a couple of times to help dilute the intended shock factor, I have my voice back -- but I still feel sick.  

I was raised in a matriarchal family in which my mother was one of four girls and I was one of three.  I married into a patriarchal family where testosterone dominated the family discussions.  The combination led to a balance in which my husband and I raised two boys and a girl.  We did so in the liberal bastion of the suburbs of New York City surrounded by progressives in our neighborhood, work places, synagogue, and schools.  But we are surrounded by people with class, self-respect, and boundaries. 

Sure, from Madonna to Lady Gaga the years of female liberation have led to moral depravity of a sort that makes those of us more conservative a bit uncomfortable.  And that has only escalated with the tweaking antics of Miley Cyrus, dismantling of traditional family values as portrayed in shows like Modern Family, and obsession with abortion rights.  But most of the fans of those performers and "rights" have retained a modicum of class.  While I do not understand the obsession with transgender issues including making bathrooms available to anyone who has the bodily urge to urinate or defecate, the military's need to change rules to accommodate the sexually "confused," and parents who wish to impose sex change operations on six year olds, I never worried that those issues would have a direct impact on our nation's young people.  I assumed that by the time our teenagers reached college, they would have been taught proper values and while college indoctrinates liberal ideals, the Medea Benjamins of the world  would remain on the fringe.

But this video, likely only to go viral after bloggers like me write about it, has me a bit concerned. Yes, it is clearly a product of the fringe -- a bunch of far-left progressive women with an axe to grind.  But now that even K-12 education is dominated by the progressive mind-set, I am truly fearful of what our society will look like in the coming decades if we do not reverse course, put family values back in play, and leave discussions about sex for the adults. Schools should not be teaching young people how to masturbate anymore than five, six, seven and eight year olds should be appearing in videos repeating the "F-word" over and over and over again, spouting statistics that are untrue, and wearing make-up while chastising girls for wanting to be pretty.

During the course of my matriarchal upbringing, my parents taught me right from wrong, self-respect, and good judgment.  They taught me the value of a good education, working hard, and earning my own way.  I have an amazing family, wonderful career, supportive network of friends and neighbors, colleagues and family, and most importantly, a daughter who has not fallen far from the apple tree.  Just as I did not need a sickly obnoxious video of listening to the word "F---" used over and over again by little girls to teach me about life, neither did my daughter.  And neither do the daughters of the liberals who inhabit my world.

So who is this video geared toward?  I am going to assume the Occupy Wall Streeters, atheists, sexually confused, and anti-American angry women who produced it and who, without a strong male presence in their lives, without a family unit to instill good values and self-esteem, has stooped so low as to subject these poor little girls to a life destined to follow in the footsteps of Medea Benjamin -- angry, insecure, alone, and classless.  And I won't even begin to address the princess boy used as a prop at the end.

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