Texas hospital 'never talked about Ebola' before Thomas Duncan arrived

A nurse at the Texas hospital that treated dead Ebola patient Thomas Duncan claims that the hospital never talked about Ebola protocols before the first patient was identified. The hospital claimed that they had drilled in Ebola protocols before Thomas Duncan became a patient. The nurse, Brianna Aguirre, who cared for her friend, the second Ebola patient Nina Pham, says "“I watched them violate basic principles of nursing." NBC: "I would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. I would feel at risk by going there. If I don’t actually have Ebola, I may contract it there," she said.  Administrators never discussed with staff how the hospital would handle an Ebola case prior to Duncan’s arrival, Aguirre alleged. “We never talked about Ebola and we probably should have,” she said. Instead, “they gave us an optional seminar to go to. Just informational, not hands on. It wasn’t even...(Read Full Post)