Still no travel ban from Ebola-ravaged countries

The Daily Caller reports this conversation between reporters and White House spokesman, Josh Earnest responding to questions about a federal restriction on travel from countries plagued by Ebola:

“These are the experts, they have a keen understanding of how to prevent the spread of this disease,” he said, adding “we can stop the spread of Ebola in its tracks.”

“What are the conditions under which the President would order or want to see travel restrictions?” asked one reporter.

“We are confident that the sophisticated medical infrastructure that exists here in the United States can prevent the wide spread of Ebola,” Earnest said.

“Doesn’t that imply that we’re willing to accept a certain number of people coming into this country who will be diagnosed and develop Ebola once they’re here?” the reporter asked.

“We live in a global world, and what we’re confident that we can do is to both protect the safety of the traveling public and … protect the broader American public by rigorously applying the kind of medical protocols that are recommended by the Centers for Disease Control,” Earnest replied.

This is either incredibly naïve, intentionally done for some unknown and very dark reason, or just plain @&#*$%@! crazy.

Because we now live in a global world—and by the way, isn’t that redundant?—we have to subject ourselves to the health failures of the rest of the planet?  If they get exposed, we have to get exposed?  Because, why?  It isn’t fair?  What is this, redistributionist health?  Now the President wants to globally redistribute our wealth and our health?  Is this the “yes we can die just like the rest of the planet” fundamental transformation he wants for this country or just a random crisis to exploit in the name of fundamental transformation?  And does it even matter which it is?

Heaven forbid the rich, white, Satan should have better health and medical care than the rest of the world.  We need to spread our wealth and spread their disease because health equality is a basic human right.  Health Justice for all.  Let’s go occupy a bunch of hospitals and speak out against the healthiest 1% of the planet: America.

I’m not calling for panic, here, but where is the outrage about the actions this administration is not taking to protect its citizenry?  At what point do the American people get off their couches and unravel the noose slowly tightening around their necks?  And to all of the evolved, hip, non-racists who voted for Obama, not only once but twice, is this the kind of hope and change you can believe in? 

If the CDC’s Dr. Frieden, Josh Earnest, and President Obama are so confident that the chances of an Ebola outbreak here “are extremely low” and they can protect the “broader public” from the disease, and stop it from “spreading widely,” then why don’t they send their kids to the exposed  schools in Dallas for a few days or, better yet, spend some time on a plane from Liberia—without the hazmat suits and protective gear; fully exposed like the rest of us—and prove to the vulnerable public that we have nothing to fear.

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