Pres Obama should call on President Pena-Nieto of Mexico to apologize

We've praised Pres Pena-Nieto of Mexico for pushing energy and other reforms south of the border.   However, Pres Pena-Nieto went over the line for bringing "racism" into our conversation over immigration.

This is how he answered a question from Fareed Zacharia, according to CNN:

"But when you hear some of the anti-immigrant language, the rhetoric, do you think it's racist?  

I think it's discriminatory, yes. And I think it's unfortunate for a country whose formation and historic origin relies so much on the migration flows of many parts of Europe, Asia, for instance.

I think this is a country whose origin, to a great extent, is one of migration.

And that's why it's unfortunate to hear this exclusionary and discriminatory tone regarding the migration flows into the United States."

First of all, the issue is illegal immigration not legal immigration.  We are talking about the chaotic consequences, on both sides of the border, from illegals.

Second, what about the way that Mexico treats people from Central America?  Should Mexico be giving "sermons of tolerance" regarding illegal immigrants?

And finally, why didn't Mr Zacharia ask President Pena-Nieto about Mexico's immigration laws?  Are they discriminatory too?

President Obama should publicly call on President Pena-Nieto to apologize, especially to the thousands of Americans who travel to Mexico or consume stuff from south of the border.

No foreign leader should get away with taking "a cheap shot" like that at the American people.


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