One question every Democrat running for the Senate must be asked

Sen. Mark Udall was put on the spot in the Colorado Senate debate, and shot himself in the foot. The question he was asked should be pressed by every Republican running for that body, and the House of Representatives, too. The Washington Free Beacon reports:

Sen. Mark Udall (D., Colo.) failed to name a single agenda item from the Obama administration that he would oppose if re-elected to the U.S. Senate, dodging a key question during Wednesday night’s debate.

“Specifically which of the president’s proposed policies are you prepared to vote against in the next two years?” moderator Kyle Clark asked.

“I don’t know the list of policies that you’re alluding to,” Udall said. “Certainly I’m more than ready to raise the minimum wage, for paycheck fairness…I think we ought to make college more affordable, we ought to ensure that tax credits go to companies that keep jobs here.”

Clark deserves kudos for pressing Udall to answer the question:

Clark reminded Udall that the question was whether or not there were any policies that the senator does not support. Udall ignored the question a second time….

His evasion says it all. Video:


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