Obamanesia: polls reveal people can't remember voting for Obama

Buyer’s remorse for twice electing Barack Obama is taking hold. The first stage of grief is denial, after all, according to Kubler-Ross.  USA Today has just conducted some revealing polls in six states with competitive Senate races:

Now USA TODAY/Suffolk University polls in a half-dozen states with key Senate races underscore just how much times and political fortunes have changed for the president. In five of the six states, the percentage of likely voters who say they voted for Obama in 2012 has dipped from the actual results.

Of those who say they did vote for him, as many as one in seven say they regret it.

But even more interesting than those honest people expressing regret are those less forthright people who simply don’t remember:

In 2012, Obama carried three of the states surveyed by USA TODAY and Suffolk University's Political Research Center with more than 50% of the vote. But now just 47% of likely voters in Iowa, 46% in Colorado and 48% in Michigan say they voted for him.

Of the six states, only in Kansas did the percentage who remember voting for Obama match the actual election returns, at 38%. His standing slid 5 points in North Carolina and 2 in Arkansas.

Here is a helpful chart:

Most ominous for the Democrats is this insight:

"Voters who defect from their party to vote for the winner are more likely to 'forget' this over time and to report a vote more consistent with their current party identification," says Charles Franklin of Marquette University Law School. "Reports of past vote also correlate with current preferences."

The implications are obvious. Much though I am angry at those dupes who didn't see through Obama twice, their next votes are more important than their last ones. Welcome them back to sanity and help them forget their past errors. 

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