'Obama decries income inequality in speech at a $50,000 per person fundraiser'

Oh, how the mighty President Barack Obama (D) has fallen when even his hometown paper, formerly one of his boosters, dares to mildly mock him with a (true) ironic headline and story

Obama decries income inequality in speech after $50,000-a-person fundraiser for Quinn

In a day of contradictory messaging, President Barack Obama on Thursday assailed income inequality and the stagnant earnings of the middle class after appearing at a $50,000-a-person Gold Coast fundraiser for Gov. Pat Quinn.

Obama, who returned to Washington after arriving in his hometown the night before, spoke to 25 people behind closed doors at the home of Meredith Bluhm-Wolf, the daughter of casino owner, developer and long-time Democratic donor Neil Bluhm.

The one-hour event raised an estimated $1.25 million for the Quinn campaign,(snip)

With the media kept away from the president’s fundraiser, the Quinn campaign issued a statement in which the governor said with Obama’s help “and the support of the people of Illinois, we will continue getting the job done for working families and keep Illinois moving in the right direction.”

Quinn (D), a long time Democratic politician, replaced long time Democratic politician turned governor Rod Blagojevich, who is now in prison, a fate that afflicts many Illinois governors. Quinn's rather bizarre idea of "getting the job done for working families" seems to be unemployment as the state's unemployment rate for August, 2014 was 6.7% compared to bordering Indiana's lower 5.8%, Iowa's 4.5% and Wisconsin's 5.6%.

As for removing the horrid income inequality to "keep Illinois moving in the right direction" that also helps Illinois' beleagured (non) working families, Illinois' state income tax rate is higher than surrounding states.

Hmm, could the latter be related to the former?

But at least there are still those in Illinois who can afford to pay $50,000 to hear this and not laugh out loud.  Hmm, they must be the same people who have benefited from Chicago's and Illinois' famous Chicago Way and pay to play.