New York cops apparently not briefed on how to dispose of Ebola bio-hazard waste

How prepared is New York city to handle Ebola? The cops certainly aren't. Police who sealed off the Harlem apartment of Dr. Craig Spencer after he was taken to the hospital have apparently not been taught the proper way to dispose of potential bio hazardous material. While they geared up to enter the apartment and cordon it off, they ended up throwing their gloves, masks, and police tape into a public garbage receptacle. Sheesh. The Daily Mail: With the news that the first confirmed case of Ebola has hit New York City, all attention now turns to how equipped the densely populated metropolis is to deal with the deadly virus - and if the city really is as prepared as they claimed to be in a press conference Thursday evening. Perhaps throwing things into doubt are photos taken outside the Harlem apartment of Dr. Craig Spencer, who was admitted to the hospital with a 103 degree fever earlier today. They show police officers tossing their gloves, masks and the...(Read Full Post)