Kirsten Powers: Surely There Are Piss Boys to Take Care of This Sort of Thing

On October 3, on the Fox News program Outnumbered, Kirsten Powers said she was very surprised that the vomitus and feces of Liberian national Thomas Duncan were not immediately cleaned up, but remained in an apartment complex in the Dallas area for about 10 days.  She said, in effect, surely there are people standing ready in the United States to clean up immigrants’ lethal bodily fluids.

Thomas Duncan is not to blame for the crisis of viruses popping up across the United States – the politics of Kirsten Powers are to blame.  In her widely read articles and statements, Ms. Powers has been especially vocal in maintaining the USA has the resources and obligation to take in immigrants who carry highly infectious, even fatal, diseases.

Mr. Duncan cashed in on two sets of IOUs worth millions of dollars, provided by those Democrat politics.  The first marker: that if his son got to the United States, legally or illegally, American taxpayers would take over feeding, educating, and providing free medical care for the rest of the boy’s childhood.  According to Mr. Duncan’s sister (who is here on an expired visa), that happened.  The second marker leveraged the child’s presence in the United States to expedite Mr. Duncan’s entrance into the USA.  And Mr. Duncan lied about his exposure to Ebola when he cashed in that marker.

Ms. Powers’s positions require billions of dollars of other people’s money and risks to other people’s lives.  She lives in an affluent bubble, enjoying the delusion that there is a standing army of trained health care workers ready to protect the public from the results of Democrat policies.  The opposite is true.  The American medical establishment is in chaos due to Obamacare.  On October 3, the Dallas County director of emergency services explained to ABC News why Mr. Duncan’s bodily fluids were not cleaned up from September 25 to October 3, when a private contractor was finally brought in.  He explained, “We did not train for Ebola.”

Despite the assumptions of the amazed Ms. Powers, when the crisis arose, there were no piss boys on call in Dallas County.