Jewish Conservative Closes Gap in NY First Congressional District

Earlier this fall, pundits were predicting only modest Republican gains in the House.  Suddenly there is talk that Republicans could win the highest number of House seats since Truman.  This latest report doesn’t even mention one of the tightest congressional races in the country, where Republican candidate Lee Zeldin has closed a ten-point gap in one month. 

Real Clear Politics is still listing New York’s First Congressional District, encompassing eastern Long Island, as a toss-up.  But with half of undecideds negative on the Democrat incumbent, and Obama’s disapproval at 62%, it seems voters are ready for a change.  The pollsters noted: “Zeldin leads with Independents, has the advantage on intensity, and undecided voters strongly disapprove of the President. … Tim Bishop’s time in Congress should soon be over.”

Lee Zeldin would become the only Jewish congressman on the red side of the aisle.  This is an important strategic victory for the party.  Republicans have increased the Jewish Republican vote by 30% since the Democrats elected our pro-jihadi president.  The booing of God and Jerusalem by the majority of delegates to the 2012 Dem convention didn’t help. 

This summer, only 31% of Democrats approved of Israel’s self-defensive action against Gaza, according to Gallup.  This has been the final straw for more Jewish voters.  By contrast, 60% of Republicans blamed Hamas.  Bush’s liaison to the Jewish community, Noam Neusner, told The Hill:

The bigger issue (for Jewish voters) is with the Democratic Party electorate, namely academic elites, African-Americans and younger voters.  As those blocs of voters become more skeptical of Israel’s right to defend itself — and that seems to be happening — that is going to make American Jews who are Democratic Party voters less comfortable in their own party.

Zeldin is good news for another reason: he is one more Iraq War veteran returning home to stand up for his country and Constitution.  As voters watch TV night after night and see the Democrats’ pro-jihadi, pro-nuclear Iran capitulation polices coming to fruition, a candidate like Zeldin looks better and better.

Lee spent four years on Active Duty with the U.S. Army and served in different capacities including as a Military Intelligence Officer, Federal Prosecutor and Military Magistrate. In the summer of 2006, while assigned to the Army’s elite 82nd Airborne Division, Lee deployed to Iraq with an infantry battalion of fellow paratroopers in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  In 2007, Lee returned to Suffolk County with his family. It was at this time, he transitioned from Active Duty to the Army Reserves, where he currently serves with the rank of Major.

Zeldin was endorsed by the House Conservatives Fund and has a 93% NRA rating, as well as strong endorsements from groups representing small business.  The Citizens United PAC recruited Donald Trump to record a call to 50,000 Republican households on Long Island: “Lee Zeldin, a terrific guy…very conservative…he will do something very strong against Obamacare.”

Zeldin’s was another case where Democrats interfered in a Republican primary, pouring in 2.15 million dollars raised from California progressives, in a desperation move to prevent Zeldin from getting the nomination.  From day one of the campaign, Democrats have pulled out all their best arguments, calling Zeldin anti-women, anti-gay, and anti-black.  They even called Zeldin, an Iraqi vet and major in the Army Reserves, a coward.  The name-calling that has worked so well for Democrats in the past is no longer sufficient.

Zeldin is no softie on the campaign trail.  He has avoided personal attacks, but when his Democrat opponent attacked Congressman Allen West, Zeldin minced no words:

In light of today's full throttled assault on former Army Lt. Col. and Congressman Allen West, I would like to remind Congressman Bishop that he left something very important out of his release. He should have added, "And I thank retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West for his service to our country in uniform. It is his willingness to lay down his life in protection of our freedoms that I have the liberty to engage in name calling and character assassination, because I want to stay in Congress at any cost.'

On November 4th, it's time to term limit Tim. 12 years are enough of being represented by someone who embraces reckless tax increases, job killing regulations, government run health insurance and endless bad ideas with no fear of accountability on election day.

... since this is a campaign for U.S. Congress and not 3rd grade class President, I will take the high road here and try to get this campaign refocused on long term solutions to the concerns of First Congressional District residents.

Zeldin is an attractive candidate.  His résumé and accomplishments in his four years as state senator are impressive in fighting taxes, government regulation, promoting fiscal responsibility and helping small businesses and vets.

Senator Zeldin successfully fought to repeal the MTA Payroll Tax for 80 percent of employers. This was a job killing tax that was hurting small businesses. Lee successfully repealed the Saltwater fishing License Fee and secured funding for the PFC Joseph Dwyer Program, a statewide program to help our returning veterans cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). He sponsored legislation to enact the nation’s strongest property tax cap and also helped reduce middle income tax rates to the lowest level in 60 years. He’s worked with Governor Cuomo on a bi-partisan basis to create much-needed jobs and eliminate over $13 billion in state budget deficits. Lee also wrote the law that protects our fallen veterans and their families from protests at military burials.

Lee Zeldin’s surge in the polls is one more sign that voters are being shifted out of their complacent support of  Democrat incumbents by the avalanche of bad news from the Middle East.  He is just the sort of solid, patriotic, and practical man of accomplishments that many voters are longing for with increasing urgency.