If Ebola were as potent as Congressional hearings we'd all be in the clear

Congress is holding hearings on Ebola. Oh boy. We might finally learn something new and take much needed action, right? Wrong. Here’s a snapshot as good as any that highlights the absurdity of the entire charade: In this video clip, Congressman Thomas Massie asked the panel of experts if a person could contract Ebola, even if unlikely, sitting next to someone on a bus. It seemed a simple enough hypothetical, right? Wrong. The first person Massie addressed was Mr. Rabih Torbay, who is a senior VP with the International Medical Corps. This organization is serving hot spot regions and has established protocols for individuals living in these areas according to their level of risk (low, medium, or high). For example, low risk individuals are prevented from taking public transportation. Torbay confirmed that in order to contract Ebola a person must come in contact with bodily fluids, which includes perspiration. This fact has already been well established, but...(Read Full Post)