How do you spell desperation? Wendy Davis of Texas!

By now, most of us are immune to negative campaigning.  We see it, it makes us sick, but life goes on.

However, the latest ad from the Wendy Davis campaign in Texas is about as bad as it gets.  It makes the 1964 "Daisy" ad look like a G-rated film.  It even makes those "James Byrd ads" against Bush in 2000 look reasonable.

It is nasty, as Aaron Blake reported in The Washington Post:

It goes on to attack wheelchair-bound state Attorney General Greg Abbott (R) for hypocrisy because, after suing and winning a large reward for the accident that caused his partial paralysis, he has opposed similar litigation as the state's top cop.   

"A tree fell on Greg Abbott," the narrator says. "He sued and got millions. Since then, he's spent his career working against other victims."   

This ad is the sort of highly risky gambit you only see from a long-shot campaign. And, as often as not, these sorts of "Hail Marys" fail miserably. 

If it does backfire and Davis wants to run for office in the future, you can rest assured this one will stick with her.

If it does backfire? 

This is a horrible ad, and it tells you a lot about the state of the Davis campaign.  She has failed to excite her base because there is nothing to her story, whatever her story is this week.  Her position on abortion is not clicking with Hispanic women.  Worst of all, she has not presented a forward-looking agenda beyond playing every card in the Democrat playbook.

Hopefully, it reminds Democrats that they need to nominate a candidate who can win in Texas rather than in San Francisco.   

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