Getting It Exactly Wrong

FOX News is reporting that the Canadian government is responding to the terrorist attack in Ottawa by ordering all Canadian service members to avoid wearing their uniforms in public so that they do not present themselves as available targets.  The order is in response to ISIS's recent public urging to its minions in Western societies to seek out and murder military men and their families, as well as yesterday’s shooting of the unarmed ceremonial soldier at the Canadian monument paying tribute to past soldiers’ sacrifices and military achievements.

Hiding its warriors is exactly the opposite of the tactic that a nation with any sense of national fortitude, not to mention dignity, should be using when it comes under attack by terrorists.  Instead of kowtowing to terrorist threats and ordering his soldiers into hiding, the Canadian prime minister should order all Canadian reserve forces onto national active duty and instruct Canada’s military command that all active-duty personnel will be required to carry a loaded military-issued weapon – at the very least a prominently displayed sidearm, either hip-mounted or in a shoulder holster.

In support of such a display of arms, the Canadian military should immediately present to its forces up-to-the-minute classroom and range instruction on how to respond to a terrorist event that unfolds in their presence, with heavy emphasis on immediate and permanent elimination of the threat to innocent Canadian citizens.  They should be taught to shoot to kill, to destroy in the shortest possible time the threat to them and other citizens.  They should be taught to disregard the ingrained tendency to shout commands to halt and desist and instead put rounds on target.

Good grief, Minister Harper, where the hell is the strength that built your huge frontier country?  Are you so neutered by political correctness and fear of violence that you would instruct your military forces to hide among your helpless civilians?  Sorry, Harper, but that is a weasel’s response when your country is threatened.  It is time, man, to set loose your sheepdogs to protect your sheep.

ISIS has declared its intent to bring death to America by urging traitors among us to murder military service members and their families.  The evidence indicates that these Muslim terrorists have mounted such attacks on American service members in the past and, on the occasion of the Fort Hood shooting, their families as well.  But this is the first time that we have seen a general public call by any jihadist organization for American embeds to attack the families of our warriors.  We, as a country, should consider that call for miscellaneous murder of innocents to be a major change of the rules of engagement and respond accordingly.

I predict that the day the first American soldier’s family is murdered by ISIS thugs will be the first day of the eventual, but total, destruction of this deadly Islamic infestation.