'Gender gap' turns against Dems in Colorado

For at least a couple of decades, Democrats have relished the notion that a “gender gap” would lead them to victory. The entire “war on women” rhetorical strategy is premised on the notion that women can be herded into the Democrat corral by scaremongering evil Republicans who want to take way their ability to kill inconvenient children, and keep them subjugated under a male boot. With women favoring Democrats, so the theory went, the two parties would split the male vote and Dems would win.

That theory is now being upended in Colorado. Byron York reports:

According to a variety of public and private polling, while Udall enjoys a lead among Colorado women, Gardner has a far bigger advantage among men. The difference is so pronounced that if it continues through election day, Gardner will win.

There are a lot of competing numbers on the gender gap, and none of them are good for Udall. A recent Quinnipiac poll found Udall leading by four points among women — but Gardner leading by 13 points among men. Another recent poll, by the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling, also found Udall up by four points among women, with Gardner leading by 11 points among men. A CNN poll more than a week ago found Udall leading by nine points among women, but Gardner leading by an astonishing 20 points among men. Any of those scenarios would be disastrous for the Democrat.

Udall has harped on abortion so relentlessly and obnoxiously that he has been dubbed “Senator Uterus.” Perhaps some men are repelled by this. The Denver Post, a liberal paper, endorsed Gardner, rebuking Udall for his theatrics on these issues.

As Jeremiah Wright might put it, the Democrats’ chickens are coming home to roost.

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