Fourteen questions about Ebola that will never be asked

Here are fourteen questions concerning the Ebola epidemic that will never be asked of the  President or the Administration’s talking heads. The MSM has evolved into a modern day Pretorian guard, surrounding and protecting B.H. Obama from any difficult or pointed questions that would reveal his natural distain and discomfort with reason, logic and common sense.

Why doesn’t the United States have a mandatory quarantine period of 28 days before allowing any traveler who has visited West Africa in the past 90 days, to enter our country?

As Ebola cases continue to crop up in America, what actions are planned so that the virus will not enter the animal population of antelopes, porcupines, rodents, dogs, and pigs, and thus become a untreatable and unreachable reservoir of the virus that will never disappear?

When will the State Department cancel the 13,500 visitors visas from the three West African countries that currently have Ebola epidemics? What is the State Department waiting for?

The search for an Ebola virus vaccine is proceeding rapidly. Who in the government will actually decide those patients that would become beta- testers and receive this scarce commodity?

Canadian Ebola studies indicate that aerosolized Ebola is “strongly suspected” to be infectious through droplets in the air.  When will the CDC required all medical caregivers to use full-face masks and P100 filters in dealing with infected patients?

How many hospital beds in the United States have negative air pressure enclosures plus air exhaust handling systems that meets the criteria for Bio Safety Level (BSL) 3 or 4?

If an outbreak of Ebola occurs in a major US city such as New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles, is this government prepared to quarantine five to eight million citizens from land, sea and air travel to stop the spread of the virus? How many deaths from such an outbreak would trigger such quarantine? Would US troops be ordered to fire upon US citizens attempting to evade the quarantine?

How many Ebola deaths nationally would trigger a Presidential Executive Order declaring martial law, nationalizing the distribution of food, energy, healthcare and information? Would this Executive Order also limit the duration of martial law and the circumstances for it being lifted?

Will American troops serving in West Africa and infected with Ebola, be returned to the United States for treatment, or will they remain in Africa to lessen the chance of contagion here at home? Were the troops notified of this decision before they shipped out?

Ebola makes global warming, Iranian nukes, and terrorism as insignificant as a McDonalds hamburger wrapper. Ebola knows no racial, economic or political boundaries. Ebola’s lethality (50%) is higher than the 14th century’s Black Death (30% to 40%) or the 1918 influenza pandemic’s (15%); a viral infection that killed 3% to 6% of entire human population living on the planet in 18 months.

Last question. Why are so few of us raising our voices --- screaming at the top of our lungs--- demanding that our government begin implementing common-sense epidemiological safeguards against Ebola unnecessarily infecting more Americans?

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