Embarrassing article by veteran political reporter

Jules Witcover of the Baltimore Sun is a veteran political reporter and columnist, now 87 years old. Perhaps we could cut him some slack, but this bit of snark from his latest column is just plain wrong:

As the titular leader of the party for now -- the booby prize as the loser of the previous presidential election -- Mr. Romney returned last weekend to Iowa, where his easy victory in the state's kickoff precinct caucuses catapulted him to the 2012 nomination. 

Only there is one problem: Rick Santorum  won the Iowa caucuses in 2012  by 34 votes. On caucus  night, Romney was declared the narrow winner by a handful of votes, certainly not an easy winner. But then final vote totals showed he finished second.

From Wikipedia:

The 2012 Iowa Republican caucuses took place on January 3, 2012. It was the closest race in Iowa caucushistory with only a thirty-four vote margin (about 3100th of a percent) separating former Senator Rick Santorum ofPennsylvania, who received 29,839 votes (24.56 percent), and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, who received 29,805 votes (24.53 percent). Representative Ron Paul of Texas ran a close third, receiving 26,036 votes (21.43 percent).

Trailing were former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich(16,163 votes, 13.30 percent), Texas governor Rick Perry(12,557 votes, 10.33 percent), and Representative Michele Bachmann (6,046 votes, 4.98 percent). Former Utah governor and ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, Jr., who skipped campaigning in Iowa to focus on the New Hampshire primary,[8] received 739 votes (0.61 percent).[9]

In total, 121,501 votes were recorded,[9] setting a record for Iowa Republican caucusturnout.[10] However, this total was still far less than the all-time Iowa caucus record in the2008 Democratic Iowa caucuses, in which 239,000 Democrats voted. The 121,501 votes represent 19.8 percent of active registered Republicans in the state[11] and just 5.4 percent of all Iowans eligible to vote.[12]