Ebola-infected Dallas hospital worker followed all CDC procedures

A just-concluded press conference in Dallas, featuring grim-faced officials, revealed that the anonymous worker at the hospital who came down with Ebola followed all CDC procedures, including the use of an isolation suit. Nonetheless, we were told not to worry.

Yeah, right. Are they trying to convince people that we are being lied to? When they as good as admit they don’t know how to prevent infections, then telling us to be confident in their medical response accomplishes just the opposite: it spreads panic.

Meanwhile, we are lectured to trust them and to keep allowing people form the plague region into the United States because their oh-so-effective measures will catch people who have a 21 day incubation period.

This is just amazing.  Why would anyone believe people who in effect say, “We don’t know how to prevent transmission of the disease, but trust us, and don’t worry.”

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