Ebola, Islamists, and Executive Orders

The disaster unfolding now is only the result of a single Ebola patient entering the US.  What happens when Islamic suicide terrorists start wiping Ebola tainted body fluids all over sports stadium stair handrails and subway car seats?  You know it can happen.  It’s too easy.  Isn’t this the first thing you as a terrorist would do to create panic and chaos in the US?  Even if you didn’t do it, you would tell the media you did.  That is all it would take.  We may be about to see the greatest mass panic in history.  Thank Mr. Obama and the Dems as you run by.

I didn’t think of this scenario on my own.  Tom Clancy predicted it back in 1993 (along with using commercial airliners as terrorist weapons) in his book Executive Orders.  Of course, at the time he didn’t know that executive orders could also be used as a weapon against the American people.

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