Ebola czar thinks global warming causes increased tornadoes and hurricanes

Nobody credits newly-minted Ebola czar (for the sake of rhyme, shouldn’t it be “Ebola Ayatollah”) Ron Klain with any scientific credibility, but his embrace of warmist doctrine is nonetheless interesting. Back in 2011, when he was coming off his gig as Joe Biden’s chief of staff, Klain went on MSNBC to spout his scientific wisdom. Politico took notice: Ron Klain, Vice President Biden's former chief of staff, went to bat for the Obama administration Thursday afternoon as he swatted away suggestions from Rick Perry and Mitt Romney that global warming isn't caused by people. "They're playing to their base," Klain said on MSNBC. "It’s primary politics." In defense of global warming being a man-made problem, Klain cited "hurricanes" and "a record year for tornadoes," also claiming that Republicans are citing information from "scientists and researchers sponsored by the oil...(Read Full Post)