Doctor recommends extending the quarantine period for Ebola

Dr. Manoj Jain, MD, MPH, has written a thoughtful piece published at the Huffington Post that examines the one-size-fits-all 21-day quarantine period for individuals exposed to Ebola: For me, a recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine detailing the first nine months of the 2014 epidemic in West Africa raises concern about the short, often-mentioned 21 post-exposure-day periods in the guidelines. In the journal's study of 4,507 probable and confirmed cases, "approximately 95 percent of the case patients had symptom onset within 21 days of exposure." If we do the math, this means that approximately 5 percent or 225 of the Ebola cases in West Africa had symptoms 21 days after exposure, as reported by the patient or caregiver. (snip) … Getting a history of possible date of exposure in a potential Ebola patient in a developing country during an epidemic is difficult … patients often do not provide an accurate history because they may not...(Read Full Post)