Diary of a Republican Black Woman

Folks, when I saw what the Democrats are doing to this American black woman in Utah, I had to sound the alarm.

Black Republican Mia Love is running for Congress in Utah.  Love's liberal opponent and the Democrats have pulled out all the stops, launching a hate website against her, “No love for Mia,” and a $300,000 smack-down ad campaign trashing the sister.  Meanwhile, hypocritically, they accuse Republicans of having a war on women.

Folks, it amazes me that Democrats, the MSM, and liberals continue to get away with their scam, portraying themselves as champions of minority empowerment.

In reality, they are overseers of the federal government plantation, committed to keeping us blacks believing we are victims of a racist white America – inferior, intellectually challenged, and totally dependent on our Massa, big federal government, for our survival.  They coddle immoral behavior by blacks, which breeds moral, economic, and cultural decline, which leads to more dependency on government.  The Democrats, MSM, and liberals' brainwashing of low-info blacks and their efforts to keep blacks in their place are insidiously evil.

Uppity Negros who realize they can achieve their American dream without government are dealt with swiftly and harshly by Democrats and the MSM.  Patriotic, self-reliant black Americans, are figuratively branded with a sizzling hot iron by Democrats, liberals, and the MSM with the words Uncle Tom, traitor, Stockholm Syndrome sufferer and stupid “n”-word.

Black woman Mia Love, Republican for Congress, is one such uppity federal government plantation escapee.  Therefore, panicked Democrat and MSM overlords are in hysterical full attack mode, determined not to allow Love to break free, becoming an example for millions of blacks to emulate.

Obama; his arrogant lawless chief thug, Eric Holder; and his entire crew are a despicable bunch, hell-bent on exploiting every opportunity to use race to divide and intimidate Americans into allowing the Obama regime to have its way: open borders, redistribution of wealth, trashing Christians while celebrating Islam, and so on.

Conservative/Republican blacks who love their country and simply want government out of their way are a thorn in Obama and his minions side.  Hence, the Mia Love's of America must be destroyed.

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